Fiddler - ShortTerm

  • Add OnSAZLoaded event handler
  • HOSTS addon should offer option to change HOST header/AcceptedCert

Fiddler - LongTerm

  • Build FiddlerScript# addon
  • Finish decoupling of Rules menu
  • Move to new MenuStrips
  • Finish Profiles infrastructure



  • More Localizations (Chinese, German, Hindi)
  • Localized installer (move to ModernUI?)
  • Load Preferences from Prefs.txt file
  • -tray mode
  • -autosave mode
  • -reduce UI flicker
  • Block install on pre-W2k?
  • Dump Xceed dependencies
  • Share source as demo for FiddlerCore?
  • Short video intro for users?

Fiddler Addons

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