SAZ Files


Session Archive Zip (SAZ) files are used to store HTTP(S) traffic for later examination.

Saving SAZ files

  • Fiddler users may save .SAZ files using the File > Save menu options.
  • To help troubleshoot website problems, non-technical end-users may use FiddlerCap to capture .SAZ files to send to experts for analysis.

Password Protection

  • SAZ Files may be password-protected/encrypted using standard (weak,fast) ZIP encryption, or using (stronger, slower) AES128 or 256-bit encryption
  • To password protect a .SAZ file, choose Password Protected SAZ using the Save As Type dropdown box on the Save Session Archive dialog box.

File Format

SAZ files are simply specially formatted .ZIP files. If you rename a .SAZ file to .ZIP, you can open it for viewing using standard ZIP viewing tools.

Inside a SAZ file, you will find:

  1. _index.htm - an optional file containing a human readable version of the Session List. This file is not processed when loading a .SAZ file and exists solely for manual examination.
  2. [Content_Types.xml] — (Added in v2.4.0.9) A metadata file which specifies a few MIME types so the archive can be read by System.IO.Packaging or other clients that support the Open Packaging Conventions.
  3. a raw folder - containing files representing each web session.

Inside the Raw folder, there will be three or four files for each web session.

  • sessid#_c.txt - contains the raw client request.
  • sessid#_s.txt - contains the raw server request.
  • sessid#_m.xml - contains metadata including session flags, socket reuse information, etc.
  • sessid#_w.txt - (optional) contains WebSocket messages.

The SAZ/ZIP file's comment field contains information about the version of Fiddler that generated the archive.

SAZ files should always be forward/backward compatible, although some features may be missing (e.g. socket reuse information) when loading older files into the newest versions of Fiddler.

SAZ files use the MIME type: application/vnd.telerik-fiddler.SessionArchive

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