FiddlerCore is currently provided as a .NET class library that can be consumed by any .NET application. FiddlerCore is designed for use in special-purpose applications that run with either no user-interface (e.g. test automation), or a UI which is so specialized that a Fiddler Addon would not be a suitable option (e.g. a WPF traffic visualization).

You can download the current version of FiddlerCore from here.


In this diagram, orange represents code you write, green represents Fiddler components, and purple represents dependencies. Technically, there's no Xceed.dll dependency, although I provide sample source that allows you to introduce such a dependency for SAZ file generation. I also provide sample source that allows you to use DotNetZip instead. Similarly, makecert.exe isn't required (although it's a free redistributable from Microsoft) and can be replaced with the certificate generator of your choice if you prefer.

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