Command Line Parameters

Fiddler supports a variety of command line arguments that control various options:

Fiddler Command-Line Help
    fiddler.exe [options] [FileToLoad.saz]


-viewer        Load a new Fiddler window in non-proxy 'Viewer' mode
-quiet        Suppress prompts and alerts, minimize to the tray
-noattach        Do not register as the system proxy on startup
-noversioncheck    Do not check for new versions on startup
-extoff        Do not load Fiddler extensions
-noscript        Do not load FiddlerScript
-port:####    Run proxy on specified port
-?        Show this help content

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Start Fiddler listening on port #1234

fiddler.exe /port:1234

Start Fiddler without addons

fiddler.exe /extoff

Start Fiddler in "Quiet" mode

fiddler.exe /quiet

Start Fiddler without performing the startup version check

fiddler.exe /noversioncheck

Start Fiddler without attaching as the system proxy

fiddler.exe /noattach

Start Fiddler and load the specified SAZ file

fiddler.exe C:\users\ericlaw\desktop\inputfile.saz
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